Applying for an Arranged employment Opinion (AEO) or Labor market opinion (LMO)

If you are a skilled or professional worker who's occupation falls under skill type O (managerial occupations), A(professional occupations) or B(technical occupations and skilled trades), you may apply for an Immigrants Visa as well as a job in Canada at the same time.

Or an employer looking at getting a foreign worker more faster while supporting his application for an Permanent Residents Visa in Canada.

Your options are either to apply for a Labor Market Opinion(LMO) or an Arranged Employment Opionion(AEO).

To find out how, you may click on the link below.

1. Steps and procedures in applying for an Arranged employment opinion and
2. Steps and procedures in applying for a Labor Market Opinion

From the Human Resources and Skills Development of Canada (HRSDC).

The approval of a Job offer by the HRSDC is an indication that the worker applying, is required by an employer in Canada to fill out a skill or labor shortage in Canada, therefore applications under this Category may be processed faster compared to applications that does not include a Job offer in Canada.

Note: An LMO will result to a Work Permit and if the Job offer is Permanent and Full time even help the applicant in his or her application for Permanent Residents Visa, while an AEO will only speed up the application of a workers Permanent Residents Application.


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