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1. Modernized Immigration System: What's in it for you?

Last May 14, 2008 the Government of Canada introduced changes to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act to modernize the Immigration system and to shorten the time it takes to Immigrate to Canada. Parliament approved said changes last June 27, 2008.

Those who submitted an application before February 27, 2008—the day after the federal budget, of which these changes are a part—will continue to be processed under the old system. But the backlog will stop growing and finally start coming down.

Anyone will still be able to apply, but Citizenship and Immigration Canada(CIC) will no longer be required to process all new applications submitted on or after February 27, 2008. Applications processed in a given year can be held for future consideration or returned with a full refund to the applicant, who will be welcome to reapply at another time. .” Source

2. Why is there a need for amendments to immigration regulation? Is the current system not working?

Canada is a country built on Immigration. Since the time it opened its doors to immigrants more than 15 million people from all parts of the globe went to Canada to consider it as their desired country to live and work.

With this success in the Canadian Immigration program, comes a great challenge, how do they continue to process the ever growing number of applications from people who also wants to enjoy the high quality of living in Canada?

At present there are more than 925,000 waiting in line for the result of their applications, which continues to build up brought about by the inefficiency of the current regulation that aims to simultaneously process all applications it receives. If nothing will be done, the backlog is projected to reach up to 1.5 million by year 2012, which means applications will be processed longer, 10 years, before any application will receive a decision.

Moreover, because the old system takes too long to process primarily because it processes all its application in the order they were received, the skills of the immigrants does not match the badly needed occupations to fill out Canada's Labor shortage.

The attempt to modernize the Immigration and Refuge Protection Act (IRPA) aims to change all that.

3. In a nut shell, what will be the effect of these amendments?

The intention of CIC for implementing this changes is to to cut the backlog and to stop its continuous growth. Moreover, the Canadian Government wants to bring in the badly needed work force with the kind of skills they need to fill out their current Labor Shortage.

Ultimately, the amendments aims to process applications between 6 to 12 months compared to the 6 years it takes now to arrive at a decision.

4. What are the occupations considered as immigration priorities? When will it be implemented?

Consultations on the provinces went on from July 7 until August15, 2008. The results of which will be published in the Canada Gazette when they have already arrived at a decision.

Since there are so many things to consider, the publication of this list is speculated not to come out until September of 2008.

At present, all application for Permanent Residents application in Canada is put on hold until further notice.

5. Does it mean that I have to wait for the list of immigration priorities before I may file my application?

Now is the best time to process applications of qualified applicants.

With the amendment on the IRPA, the current Labor Shortage in Canada and the lowered passing mark (from 75 to 67 points) an applicant will not only have the chance to be processed faster, they also have a chance to find a Job while waiting for their applications results.

Which will give them the benefit to immigrate to Canada with a Job waiting for them when they land and immigrate with out the need for settlement funds.

Rather than waiting for the list of Immigration priorities, you must look at this as a great window of opportunity.

Remember that there is a quota for the number of people that is allowed to Immigrate.

You must act fast and file your application. If worst comes to worst and your occupation was returned because it was not included in the list, at least you are now ready to file your application when the time comes that its time to process your occupation.

6. What if I filed application now and it got returned because my occupation was not included on the list of immigration priorities, does it mean I got denied?

Not at all. It just means that we will have to wait for the right time to process your application, the good news is you will be ready to file it even at a moments notice, because your documentation are in order.

The worst that can happen is this, the time came that your occupations are in line for processing, but you are not yet ready to file. You tried your best to complete your documentations at the time but it turns out you can not complete your requirements because it takes time to get them, when you finally completed them, the quota is already filled out and you can no longer apply.

Besides, part of our companies services is to evaluate your case and see if you are also qualified to be processed in other Immigration and Work programs of Canada.

To name a Few, there is the Provincial Nominations Programs, the Labor Market Opinion and the Arranged Employment Opinion.

That are currently available for those who will qualify.

As they say, “Strike while the Iron is HOT!”

Apply now while the conditions are still in your Favor!

Do not regret the day, when you look back and know that you had a great chance to give a better life for yourself and your family, but you did not grab the opportunity.

7. My application was filed before February 27, 2008, how will the amended immigration regulations affect my application?

Applications filed on or before February 27, 2008, will not be affected if their occupations are not included in the list of Immigration priorities.

In Fact there is even a great chance that their applications will be expedited, especially if they are included in the list.

For now the commitment of the Canadian Government is that all applications filed on or before the cut off date will be processed to a Final Decision.

8. I am interested to file an application for permanent residence in Canada, how do I start?

You are not only wise to do this, you will also be doing yourself and your family a big Favor, because you are bringing a step closer to the life you have dreamed about.

A more Financially stable life that is by Far a higher quality than what you are experiencing the Philippines.

Find out your options!

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