A Filipino’s Tale

I grew up living the life of a typical Filipino.

Like most middle class child, I was not really deprived of the good things in life.

Being a son of a farmer, there was a time that I experienced a life in abundance, was sent to private and exclusive schools, had loving and witty parents who both shared a good brand of a weird kind of sense of humor.

Living in a good home where I shared with my 4 brothers and 4 sisters, we all enjoyed good food, had fun and happy times, lived the good life.

But as the seasons passed, fate played a bad trick on all of us.

My father died, and we all learned, that we were all living a superficially easy life.

Upon his death we learned that we had millions in the bank, in debt.

Life was all downhill from there.

Things became harder, we had to fend for ourselves, good thing that most of us finished college, but it was never the same ever since.

We fought to redeem our selves from our bad situation, we did everything worked hard to find the solution, but nothing seems to work.

We asked the help of others but there was nobody to turn to for help, because when our eyes finally saw reality as it is, we noticed that almost everybody we know was in the same situation.

There was a point where I was resigned to the fact that this life is not really a life but merely just an existence.

When I grew older I gathered that we were not the only ones who experienced a raw deal in life.

In the Philippines almost everyone had the same bad luck.

Most will try to live life hoping to combat the same financial battles.

A college Education, a birth of a child, Health care related expenses, etc.

I have been lucky with work, I started to have a career young, became a manager at age 24, had several raises, but the illusive financial freedom was so hard to reach.

No matter how many raises in Salaries I got, there would always be something to pull me down.

I almost thought that this was life as it is. That it’s a cycle that everybody goes through.

There was a saying that I have lived by, almost mantra like, that I kept on telling myself to make me better.

“ Only the rich has the chance to become richer”

Most of the people I know would try very hard to get a job abroad.

Leaving their families, convinced that this was the only way out.

So did I, I almost succumbed to the same lure.

It was not until I met a real life angel that I learned that there were other options.

This angel is not the kind of angel you see in children's books.

Not the meek and docile type with a smiling face.

He’s 6’5”, big voiced and tough also shouts a lot.

He is an angel not only to me but to others as well, he has saved a lot of people and is still saving me.

He taught me all that I know now, more importantly he has shown me that life should not be as bleak as it appears.

He has founded the company that I work with.

Canadian Immigration Consultancy.

It is here that he has given me hope, and made me become honest in dealing with my problems.

From the time he found me, until now I have changed a lot, and am happy to say that I have taught others like he has me.

It is in this site, that I wish to impart this solutions to the harshness in life.

Canadian Immigration is one good option to live life as it is, not merely exist.

I aim to give you easy explanations as well as update you in the various developments of this process.

If you will allow me.

I can help you in the same way as how my company has helped thousands of Filipinos.

Thank you.

Jay Enrique A. Araneta
Filipino Senior Immigration Consultant
Canadian Immigration Consultancy


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